Most cost-effective, secure and user friendly IAM solution on the Internet!

In the age of less 2FA adoption, password re-use and unpredictable risk of a data breach, Truefactor will ensure that your users access applications easily while hackers are thrown out of business!


Go Password-Less with Biometrics - You are your password!

Why use another password when you have the single most unique thing to authenticate yourself - YOU! We authenticate users locally on their smartphones to remove passwords completely from the equation. We support around 70% of the smartphones being shipped worldwide. For the rest, we have secure backup authentication mechanisms to ensure continued & secure access.

Password-Less curated for the enterprise

A result of around 2 years of research, we built Truefactor from ground top under the mentorship of Industry's leading CISO's and CIO's. We curated a password-less architecture for the enterprise ensuring secure and continued access. 


Passwords are expensive. So why not remove them? Win and Win for Users and the Management.


No forgetting passwords, no help desk requests, Self user on-boarding and much more.


Defence graded Security with no compromise on Security at every layer what-so-ever. 

How does it work?

There are *many* 2FA solutions on the market. Yet there is only 6% adoption of 2FA. Truefactor was built to ensure that users love while authenticating!


  1. 1

    User is self-onboarded

    Truefactor has been built with extreme flexibility. User gets on-boarded automatically with the existing directory service like Google Directory, AD or any LDAP.

  2. 2

    User initiates a Sign IN request

    Truefactor supports OAuth, SAML and custom Integration and this helps us to support as many enterprise services as possible.

  3. 3

    Authentication of User - Dual Factor Auth

    User unlocks the authentication process through device specific security and then completes the authentication challenge.

  4. 4

    Access granted

    It's easy, secure and no more passwords!

your user's continued & secure access is our responsibility

We know how important it is for your users to have continuous access. Truefactor has been carefully designed to ensure users don't loose access to their accounts while hackers are kept at bay!
Below are the various authentication challenge mechanisms apart from the device specific biometric authentication.

  • Push Auth

    Password-Less Authentication through Push Auth

    The most easiest form of authentication where user gets a push notification to login. Just authenticate yourself with eiter your device biometrics or other available authentication mechanisms and accept the notification gently and it logs you in magically! 

  • Soft Token

    Password-Less Authentication through Soft Tokens

    No Internet? No problem. With your smart phone, authentication has never been so easier. Open your app, complete your authentication with either your device biometrics or available authentication factors and just type in the code to complete the authentication. Secure, safe and easy!


    Password-Less Authentication through SMS OTP

    No Internet? No Smartphone? No problem. Just request for an SMS based One time password to login into your account securely. No more loooong passwords and hassled password reset requests.

  • Bypass Codes

    Password-Less Authentication through Bypass Codes

    No Internet? No Smartphone? Lost phone? No problem. Contact your admin for a one time bypass codes to login into your account where you can repair your new phone with your account.

Self On-boarding for users

Just import the users and the self-paced on-boarding of users does the job of setting and educating the users. Saves time and makes it user friendly.

Greater Control

Truefactor is a policy driven platform. This gives enhanced control for the admin on the authentication mechanism. With data analytics it just gets better.

Superior Security

With the superior security controls like policies, Industry standard protocols like SAML, battle-tested mechanisms like RSA, Security is at the heart of the platform.

All-round protection

Just a single solution to protect starting from your servers to your enteprise apps and services. Starting from SSO to 2FA, all at one place with the same superior security.

One access for all your services.

We make it easy for your users to authenticate into all of your services through one access gateway ensuring continued, secure and seamless access. Starting from your securing access to your servers, enterprise services to consumer multi factor authentication, all you need is just one solution. We have one click integrations ready for many services including the following.. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is your solution? 

With the superior security controls like policies, Industry standard protocols like SAML, battle-tested mechanisms like RSA, Security is at the heart of the platform.

What if end-users device doesn't have biometrics?

Currently we support ~ 70% of the smartphones being shipped. Otherwise, we have fallback authentication mechanisms which are device specific like PIN, Pattern, Gesture etc.

Can I get your solution ON-Premises or White-labelled to my organisation?

We have done some enterprise arrangements in a similar fashion in the recent past. Contact Us so we can discuss in detail.

How do I sign Up?

Please either reach out to us on e-mail at or Contact us. Someone from our sales team will get back to you.

How much does the solution cost?

This depends on the size of your company, services you want to protect. But please be assured that we are the best in the Industry when it comes to the price. Contact Us .

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