Technology to create tamper-proof documents.

Docauth is an innovative platform which leverages battle tested protocols and encryptions to curb document fraud.


Unique metaSignature for every document.

Docauth platform inserts a metaSignature on each document. This metaSignature can be verified by designated application by authorized users. 
All it takes is just few seconds to create secure documents.

Platform's Unique propositions

API Access

Docauth provides API access for complete end-to-end workflow.This makes it very easy to integrate with existing solutions and facilitates seamless integration.

Offline Authentication.

Once a secure document with metasignature is generated, designated devices can validate the authenticity completely offline within seconds.

On-Premises setup

We also facilitate on-premises setup and white-labelling options for brand integrity and data compliance requirements. Contact us for more info.

Policy based Access

We provide policy based access which gives clients 100% control on the workflow and access control mechanisms. Policies can be made to enforce security mechanisms and validation methods.

Enhanced ROI

Clients don't have to maintain an active infrastructure to ensure authentication. Clients have a thumping ROI on generation and authentication of documents. 

Extremely Flexible

The platform is extremely flexible to customise. The team is extremely agile. With enterprise level support and SLA's, we ensure that your documents are secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of the solution?

This depends on usecase, size of organisation. Please Contact us to know more

How to access API? 

Once you sign up, you'll be provided with an elaborate documentation to access the API.

How to sign up?

Please shoot an e-mail to or Contact us. One of our sales representative will get back.

I need more info.

Contact us to get your doubts clarified. 

Let's get you started

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